Universal Joy is the innovative creation of Joy Winkler, founder and yoga instructor. Through her experience as a yoga instructor and owner of Joy Yoga (rated Best Yoga Studio in Texas by Competitor Magazine), Joy’s mission is to create an affordable, flexible alternative to the “traditional” yoga studio where individuals can enrich their lives with yoga according to their own schedule.

With Universal Joy, individuals can stream videos of real people in real classes, enjoying all the benefits that yoga has to offer. More importantly, yogis can stream when, where, and however often they want, whether it is while traveling or in the comfort of their own homes.

I’ve found yoga to be an incredibly effective way for waking people up to what loving, creative, powerful beings we truly are,” Joy says. “In yoga practice, you’re consciously putting yourself into a position that could be considered challenging or uncomfortable and feeling those sensations, just feeling without reacting to them. Then as you’re bumping around in your daily life and are faced with a situation that could be considered stressful, you recognize those physical sensations and can consciously choose to move through that situation with an open heart.”

In Joy’s playful, booty-shakin’ classes, we’ll use our yoga practice as a tool to experience our power and to feel that giddy, heart-overflowing love, whether we’re in child’s pose or chaturanga (and if you don’t know what those poses are – no problem! You’ll learn soon enough!).

Universal Joy has a wide selection of videos that accommodate any level of difficulty, and new videos are frequently added to keep you inspired and engaged. Plus, you’ll learn ways to take these lessons of yoga practice into your daily life so that you can begin to realize your potential and move through your life just as joyfully and playfully as you’ll move through your yoga practice.

Join Universal Joy today and start spreading the joy of yoga!

More about Joy Winkler

Joy was born and raised in Texas, where an appreciation of freedom of expression has been ingrained in her since she was a baby. She continued to express this freedom in ballet classes, which she started at age 3. Joy went on to obtain a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, but found that she spent as much time as possible dancing, whether it was through taking modern dance classes, choreographing and performing, or just shaking it at a keg party! In 1999, Joy walked away from engineering to follow her heart and has been sharing the “Joy” ever since. In 2003, she founded Joy Yoga Center in Houston, Texas, which has been named “Best Yoga Studio in Texas” by Competitor Magazine. She presented at the Australia Yoga Conference in Sydney in 2009 and was a founding member of the Texas Yoga Conference in 2010. Joy has been a Contributing Editor for Health & Fitness magazine and is the author of the beloved Tikigrams: Weekly Wisdom from Tiki, the Yoga Dog. Joy recently started a non-profit organization, Joy’s Angels, which makes the life-transforming benefits of yoga available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.